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Tanya Huntington (USA, 1969). Bi-national writer and artist. Managing Editor of the digital magazine Literal: Latin American voices. Her most recent books are Vidas sin fronteras (Alfaguara Infantil, 2019) as an illustrator and Solastalgia (Almadía / Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, 2018) as a poet. She holds a Ph.D. in Latin American literature from the University of Maryland at College Park and currently teaches at CENTRO in Mexico City. She has also co-produced and contributed to public radio and television programs dedicated to culture and the arts, such as PuntoDoc for tvUNAM El Letrero and ReVerso for Canal 22 or Lo Sonado for Radio Horizonte. She received first prize at the Bienal Internacional de Radio de México on two separate occasions. Her artwork has been exhibited both in the United States and Mexico and selected by prestigious venues such as the FEMSA Biennial. Member of the National System of Creative Artists of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) during the 2018-2021 cycle. Her articles, poems, photographs and art have been published in Comment Is Free for The Guardian, the Laberinto section of the newspaper Milenio, the Cultura section of La Razón, and the magazines The Antonym, Casa del Tiempo, Cold Mountain Review, Dead Skunk Mag, Desbandada, df, Diario de Cuba, Este País, La Gaceta del FCE, Hoja por hoja, Inundación Castálida, Letras Libres, Literal: Voces latinoamericanas, Metrópolis, Moist Poetry Journal, National Geographic Traveler, Nexos, Otros diálogos, Periódico de Poesía, Sin Embargo, Transtierros, and ZiN Daily Magazine, among others. Follow her on Twitter at @TanyaHuntington

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